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16 dicembre 2021
Camilla Gullà16 dicembre 2021

Christmas is coming and with it also dinner and lunches. 

It’s not easy for woman keeping fit. 

But fortunately SCULPTSHE saves us. 

On the website of SCULPTSHE there are many interesting offers. 

I decided to tell more about it because it would be a Perfect Christmas Gift for your family and your friends. You can find the Gift Card on the website. 

I think that the Gift Card could be the perfect Gift for my best friends this year. 

Furthermore there are many interesting offers, so you can buy your presents and also get a present for yourself:)!  

Among the various offers don’t forget that SCULPTSHE reward you. 

Spread the love: 

Give friends $20 off their first order, and you’ll get $30 when they make a purchase.

GIVE $20, GET $30! 


There are also many other promotions, for example if you buy 2 you get 20% off with the code GET20

And if you spend $200+ you get 25-% off with the Code GET25

Slim ShapeWear is very important for woman’s body especially when we wear elegant clothes during Christmas season. 

It helps to define the female figure. And when you wear it under your dress you feel more beautiful than ever. In addition to this, they are also extremely comfortable and seductive. 

One of my favorite part of the collection is the one dedicated to plus size waist trainer. 

My dress fits perfect when i wear one of these pieces. 

But if I have to say which are my favorite pieces, they’re absolutely these Butt Lifter straps: Sculptshe Butt Lifter Tummy Control With Adjustable Strap. 

It’s perfect under dresses, shorts, skirts, skorts, Denim pants. It has 3 levels of Booty Lift: Level 1 for a Natural lift, Level 2 for a Fuller lift, Level 3 for a Maximum Lift . 

You can achieve your desired butt lift with the adjustable built-in hooks. 

It’s very comfortable and easy to wear. 

It Creates an Amazing Buttlift and it’s really authentic. It’s available in black and in beige. 

I love also the Clearance section where you can find pieces with 50% and 60% discount off. 

Don’t forget to get a look also to the Holiday Sale section.

Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays and for New Year’s night be perfect with SCULPTSHE underwear under your dress!!

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