6 Sweatshirts You Can Actually Wear to Work

Thursday September 22nd, 2022
Camilla GullàThursday September 22nd, 2022

6 Sweatshirts

Are you tired of wearing the same old boring sweaters to work every day? There’s no shame in wanting to look stylish and put-together at your office, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right pieces that are both comfortable and professional. I’ve got varieties of sweatshirts that will help you do just that!

A soft, simple sweatshirt with a clean modern cut.

A soft, simple sweatshirt with a clean modern cut. The perfect layer for the office, this sweatshirt is both comfortable and classic. It will work in any office environment and can be dressed up or down depending on your look. See a popular women’s wholesale sweatshirt that can be purchased using the link provided below.

A sweatshirt with leather accents, a button-up hybrid women’s sweatshirt is appropriate for the office and the weekend.

For a casual touch, try a button-up hybrid women’s sweatshirt made with leather accents. Cut from a soft, thick fabric reminiscent of flannel but with the durability and structure that come with leather, it’s ideal for wearing to work and then out on the weekend.

An elegant sweatshirt with embellished detailing. 

Sequins or embellishments are a great way to add a little sparkle to your outfit, and this sweatshirt, which comes in black or white, is the perfect place to do it. You can wear this sweatshirt wherever you want—the office or at home—as long as you dress up with it!

A classy sweatshirt made of silk and will add a little shine and refinement to your outfit.

It’s important to know that not all silk is created equal. If you want a sweatshirt made from 100% silk, it’ll run you at least $300 (though they’re often on sale). You can find less expensive options if a higher ticket price isn’t too much of an issue for you—but if it is, then take note: there are plenty of products out there that claim to be made from 100% silk, though are not. To make sure your purchase is authentic and will last for years to come, look for labels on the product makeup; typically, you should see “100% silk” on an authentic piece. 

In addition to knowing what material make up your sweatshirt, there are other considerations that will help make sure this piece looks sharp in the workplace:

  • Wear a dress shirt underneath! A dress shirt will give your outfit more structure without sacrificing comfortability or warmth (plus no one wants their undershirt showing through).
  • Pair your sweatshirt with an elongated silk or cotton skirt, this combination will show your curves and is a particularly elegant workplace ensemble.

You can wear a lightweight sweatshirt in the office or throw it on after work for an easy and comfortable look.

A lightweight sweatshirt of hoodie is ideal for work, but they’re also great for throwing on after your shift. Create an elevated look over a button-up shirt or dress, or with a crisp pair of denim jeans. The zip-up front makes it easy to accessorize if you’re looking for a more dressed-up look. Many companies now create structured wholesale women’s hoodies that are still lightweight but bring a level of professionalism.  

If you have an athletic or active office, this is perfect for you! Throw the sweatshirt over a dress for an easygoing vibe at work. It’s great for the gym, too. You can wear it on casual Friday or with black fitted slacks and a chic button-down to transform into a business casual look.

A collared sweatshirt adds a sophisticated ambiance to a cozier look

Collared sweatshirts are gaining popularity in the fashion world today, coming at all price points and variations! If you’re aiming for a preppy and traditional look, a collared sweatshirt can tie your outfit together just as well as a button-up collared shirt. 


So, if you’re looking for a way to add a little edge to your work wardrobe without sacrificing comfort or style, consider these options. Workplace attire has evolved with the fashion trends, prioritizing comfort and personal style. You can always go with the classic option—throw on an oversized hoodie and call it a day—but if you want something a little more polished, we hope this has helped you find what works best for your unique look!


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