It was a cold winter day when on the 28th of January 1992 was born in Milan Camilla Gullà. An invisible thin thread binds her to Milan where the various interests lead her routinely back, but the childhood and adolescence were spent in a city that has always been in her heart, a refuge whenever she can: Florence.

In Florence she attended the Sacred Heart Institute and she grew her many passions: ballet, piano and love for foreign languages.

Currently she attends in Milan the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, at the Faculty of Law and from April 2011, she has been followed her blog “Camilla’s Secrets” with increasingly zealous and lively interest.

It’s a blog came out from the aspirations of a dreamer teenage where the player recounts herself talking about fashion and more. Browsing through the pages you can see evolution, growth and change that day after day are highlighted in youthful moods and experiences, moving from initial arguments, that were just frivolous posts, arriving to the most recent, that deal with serious and deep topics.

Camilla was able to exploit her innate tendency to merge her passions in a broad and profound dimension . In recent years she collaborated with leading brands and influential fashion magazines, a wonderful and original blend of fashion and world around us. Essentials are good taste and elegance, combined with a simplicity that is never banal, a great intuition of how in the modern era the focus has shifted from the covers to the monitor.