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Sunday October 18th, 2020
Camilla GullàSunday October 18th, 2020

Winter is coming and with it also new trends!

It was been the protagonist of last spring summer season but it continues to be a protagonist in the next autumn winter collection. I’m talking about Tye Die.

I literally love Tye Die. I started collecting pieces with this special characteristic.

And I discovered a website where you can find many amazing pieces with Tye Die for example hoodies and sweatshirts for women.

On this website there are many different styles and colors in Tie Dye.

This is one of my favourite, I love the color, I love the nuance and I also love the model of this fleece.

The tie dye technique is a very ancient technique. China was one of the first countries to use it, in 552 e il 794 d.C. Then it was used in India where it was called Bandhani, in Japan it was called Shibori. This technique was commonly associated with hippie culture. But today it’s super trendy!

It disappeared for a few decades, but now it’s a real explosion of colors. And our wardrobe are full of Tie Dye, this special and joyful mix of colors.

You can try to customize your t-shirts with this effect but the process is long and not that simple.

Furthermore you will dirty the whole house ^^.

It is better to rely on the garments that I have shown you, which are also excellent value for money.


On the website you can also find blouse wholesale

I’ve selected some tie Dye pieces also here:

The t-shirt you can see in the pictures is available in many colors

In addition to this on the site there are many other trends:

spotted, two-tone, checked, with floral prints ecc..

The fitting is perfect and the quality is good

They ship all over the world!

Finally I would like to tell you about their discounts: Feelingirldress Black Friday on sale.

Shapers are very important, especially for women after a pregnancy or with a few extra kilograms who need to have more confidence.

When a woman is confident she is more beautiful than ever. And Women are all beautiful!

Shapers with flu details are really cool and also the ones with lace details that are so sexy!

I love the body, the thermo heating skin and the Adjustable Belt…

I just have to wish you a good shopping !!:))

See you soon!!

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