Thursday October 31st, 2019
Camilla GullàThursday October 31st, 2019

She is a holy angel and a white demon

Outfits play an important role in every aspect. If you want to look like a holy angel then white is perfect color for you.

And when we talk about gothic, black color is charm of Goth but white color can better interpret the miserable beauty of gothic. White is a supper cool color in every way and in summers it leaves a peaceful impression.

White Color:

White is considered as most sober, noble,decent and perfect color. According to psychology, white is a sign of innocence and purity. It has been known as color of GOD from ages. As a color of encouragement and protection, this is the reason that doctors wear white laps. It is a sense of calm, hope and peace. It helps to get out of depression and emotional upsets.

White color helps to cleaning and purifying your spirit and brings strength and refreshing in you.

White Goth:

For summers, it is a perfect decision to wear white gothic. When summers in, there always been many light color in market but if you are getting bore with your wardrobe then trust me white color is only choice to freshen up your mode and can bring storm of excitement in you.

This Halloween!

Do you want to look different?

Then you have to look like a ghost rather than vampire. Yes we want you to look more beautiful. Wearing only black color is little bit old fashioned now. So, any white gothic you will buy has an addition benefit that is has quality to blend with the cloth you already own.

Dressing up in one tone is difficult. So when you will have a combination of white and black, trust me it will look fabulous. Also when you wear white Goth you will have nothing to do with skin color. But if you have a pale skin, make sure to lighten your skin with power and foundation to match your ivory outfit.

Another positive aspect of white Goth is striking look of attractive Gothic girl whether it Caucasian or ethnic. White clothing is not only for summer, it is also very good for winter because you can blend with in snow.

Essential elements of white gothic:

  1. When you are wearing white gothic outfit, then dark lines are prominent and essential part of this. Pure white is good but white with dark line is just amazing. It will make you look more beautiful.
  2. Fabric texture is a core part when you are choosing your clothing. Texture is important because it affects the colors when it is going to come out in fabric. The texture of fabric is also responsible for setting your mood. According to psychology, your texture of attire make others judge that how to approach you and which type of person you are. It is very obvious that no one will like to wear a fabric which is scratchy and rough texture. So, choosing a good type of fabric is essential element.
  3. Lace is another thing which we are using to enhance the beauty of your outfit. Wavy lace is beautiful and in white Goth long straight lace looks more elegant. Do you want to look like a vampire in white dress? Dress will make you look alike but lace will give a final touch on dress. This is the reason we prefer lace on dress when we are looking for a perfect gothic outfit.
  4. As we discussed before white is considered as a color of GOD. Because white is a clean & calm color. White is prediction of a positive thing that’s why people wear white dresses on their marriage. God is peaceful and he love peace in his universe and white is only color which is more near to these properties. So, I will suggest you to wear white gothic, it will make you closer to GOD.
  5. There are some things on the earth which are considering as a beauty of universe. Flowers are on top of the list of these. These can change your mood and gives positive effect on your mental health. Involve flowers in your life as much as you can. There are thousands of quotes on flowers. I am writing here some to make you realize the important of flowers.

“Love is flower you’ve got to let grow.”

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”

Looking for a perfect dress for this Halloween?

We are here to help you to choose a perfect dress including Jewellery.

Let’s go for that.

A set of pure and dark white Goths white Goth shirt:

This is most popular style of white gothic. As we discussed above dark lines enhance beauty of outfit and lace gives final touch on the dress. It has all the properties. Also the texture of fabric is just awesome. This is a perfect choice and trust me you will look gorgeous in this. Click on the link bellow to buy.


  As we told you, the combination of white and black makes just coolest outfit. So, this jacket will make you more beautiful. Fringy border added to its beauty. Jacket’s latticing texture making it more beautiful.  The brooch on neck is looking outclass. Please don’t waste your time. Just click on the link bellow if you want to have this amazing upper.


  This black pent is one of the most selling products because it’s a modern type of trouser. Retiform flapper looks gourgeous. It will be a perfect combination. Also you can wear it with any type of shirt. Click on the link bellow to buy.

White Necklace:

This necklace is priceless for this combination because it has both white and dark color. Royal look of the necklace is admirable. Click on this link to have this precious necklace.

White Earring:

We personally like these earrings. Reason is, these are in white color. And it will be a complete decent match for white gothic. Write earring look more pretty than other colors because with light color earrings your face looks fairer.

So, don’t be late and click on the link bellow to buy.

Thank you for spending time on our page.

Have a good day. ☺


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