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Wednesday December 20th, 2017
Camilla GullàWednesday December 20th, 2017

Probably the most common metals employed for wedding band and engagement ring, titanium, platinum and silver. Selecting metal for the wedding rings can be challenging particularly if you do not know concerning the different characteristics of every metal, the pros and cons. Here is a summary for all these metals.


Gold is easily the most popular selection of wedding rings. When selecting a both ladies of men’s wedding rings there’s two things you will have to consider – which gold carat to select, what gold color or color combinations you need.

The variations within the colour of gold rely on the metals that are utilized in the alloy mix. Gold is generally made from pure gold combined with copper or zinc. White-colored gold almost always is an alloy of gold and many white-colored metals for example silver and palladium. For every gold color, exactly the same carat provides the same proportion of pure gold.

Gold carats employed for wedding rings are often 9kt, 14kt, and 18kt. The greater the proportion of gold within the final metal, the greater valuable and costly it will likely be. This is correct for yellow and white-colored gold ring but white-colored gold is usually more costly than gold engagement ring.

When deciding which carat types to select, what you should think about include: the metal performance with everyday put on, the variations colored between your 9kt, 24kt and 18kt gold and also the improvement in the cost of gold carats. In practical terms, 18kt wedding rings support deterioration much better than another carats.


Titanium is really a natural element that is silver-greyish-white-colored colored. It’s the hardest natural metal and it is three occasions more powerful than steel but it’s lightweight. Pure titanium is 100% hypo-allergenic and it is safe for everyday put on since it won’t respond to your skin. Before purchasing titanium, you should know this can’t be soldered and can’t be resized.


Platinum is really a white-colored metal and it is usually utilized in its pure form. It’s very lengthy putting on and incredibly white-colored so it doesn’t need rhodium plating like white-colored gold. Platinum rings are however, considerably more costly than gold.


Silver is white-colored-gray colored and it is generally less costly than the rest of the metals utilized in wedding rings. It’s softer than gold, platinum, and titanium and isn’t suggested for wedding rings. In addition to that, it’s also vulnerable to oxidation and may sometimes use black.

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