What “living” means for you ?

Monday August 31st, 2015
Camilla GullàMonday August 31st, 2015

Have you ever wondered what “living” means for you ? Winning at any cost the game or accepting defeat. But above all what is winning: obeying the rules of the game or imposing their own.

Perhaps certain questions should ask us a little more often, question ourselves about what happens to us and what about our most important choices because life is only one, and none of us wants to get down the road and find to not have lived fully .

So take five minutes of time and ask yourself this question: Are you really living? Are you proud of your choices, of people who are beside you, of your job, of your home, of your family? There can not be partial or confused responses , because every doubt in this regard corresponds to a negative response. Who truly lives, knows to do it, who truly lives knows to err, to have wrong and surely to will do mistakes again in the future but he knows he is putting all of himself and in the complexity of the world he gives a sense of his own reality and dimension.

I, I think as many of us , I do not have the life that I want, but I am what I want in my life.

Not always what is around us depends on us, there are spheres that you can not control but indubitable and austere must be the running between the circles of the reality of which we are masters and those that we are not allowed to govern.

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