The walk in closet you’ve always dreamed…

Friday July 24th, 2015

It’s everyone’s dream replacing the old wardrobe with a new walk-in closet, a large container where everything is rationally organized and the freedom to have every item and every object at hand, help us to keep them in order.

The walk-in closet as a large container exploits the interior space much more than a common wardrobe, even the smallest corner it’s accessible, and the shelves can reach up to the ceiling, using three-dimensionally all walls intended for use.

Mini or max depending on the availability and the size of our house or the shape of the room, you can study ad hoc solutions, adaptable to any environment and needs.

A walk-in closet designed as a reduction of a geometric solid in a pure perimeter:  an interpretation of rigor and lightness characterized by open and semi-open interiors, with glass or sliding wooden or hinged doors.

You can take advantage of a niche, create a plasterboard wall in the corner behind or next to the bed or for the lucky ones an entire room to be allocated for use.

A room which can be accessed directly from your room even barefoot and with a towel , after a refreshing shower ready to choose the right outfit for an important day or a night , our walk-in closet can also be our small corner of relaxation.

For this purpose there should always be, in my opinion, a chair or sofa, modern taste or a bit ‘retro, depending on furnishing you favorite to your cabin.

Regarding the decor, the solutions can be endless and with various prices. Personally I prefer light woods and a profusion of delicate colors and dreamy atmosphere a bit princely but the fact remains that you can choose even stronger tones and stronger shades, everything is in the taste of those who furnishes. The walk-in closet is the our nest where we can afford to be self-centered, our business card, what we show to the world of content in a little paradise, as a window of a studio, formed by demiurges of desire and fascination. It reflects our personality and encloses a casket made of magical atmospheres and charming, which absolutely can not be indifferent.

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